Monday, May 2, 2011

Two months later...

Hello, hello! Welcome back to Spencer's Inscrutable Ramblings. You haven't heard from me in two months because I was busy and I was lazy. No those aren't mutually exclusive.

A heck of a lot has happened since I last posted. I didn't get the Residential Assistant position but I'm going to try again next year. I now am very familiar with the designation of the camera I couldn't remember in my previous vlog, the Sony 270. I've used both jib and dolly systems in some of my projects now and the end of the school year is rapidly approaching.

Fair warning, I'm tired from a 15.5 hour video shoot at the Marriot hotel and will be more incoherent than usual in my ramblings, so bear with me as I jump spasmodically from subject to subject. (aside: I am extremely bemused that I just used the word spasmodically)

I was planning to do a vlog, but I've decided to revert to good old pen and p.... keyboard and screen for this update. I do have a video or two I could upload to show you but since one is already on Facebook and I have no desire to edit the other one I think I'll just upload some pertinent screenshots.

This first shot is of the band (can you call them a band?) PlasticMusik. They came to the student rec area last week and were extremely awesome.


HEY! I can totally post the video here because apparently Facebook lets you do that now. Lets try!

Okay, so apparently I can't embed it because people who are not friends with me on Facebook wouldn't be able to see it. People who aren't logged on to Facebook would be able to see it either. (But who logs out of Facebook?). Anyway PlasticMusik is a really cool group with a really simple premise and you can probably go search for better quality videos of them on Youtube than the one shot with my miniature camcorder that I bought before I really understood what to look for in a camera my goodness but this is a long sentence.

^See? Incoherent, spasmodic, confused.

First person to guess what this screenshot from the video I didn't feel like editing or uploading is of wins the right to select a different (but good) background for this blog.

Also, Bin Laden is dead but I really don't have any input on the matter other than the fact that saying your as good as Bin Laden at hide and go seek is no longer quite as impressive. Stick with Amelia Earhart.

This Friday I'm heading off to my mother's for Mother's day which will be fun. OH, that reminds me that in the long duration since I last posted what I believe to be the most disliked video on Youtube has reared it's head. Friday, by Rebecca Black is one of the most atrocious things to ever be called music. I took a couple screenshots of the likes/dislikes section for the video and I noticed something amazing. The video was being disliked at an astonishing rate. See this handy chart?

There have consistently been seven or eight times as many people disliking the video as have been liking it. There are other videos with tons of dislikes, but they also have a lot of likes. I don't know why I find this fascinating, but I do.

However much I would like to continue rambling and remembering all the things I could tell you I really need to get to sleep because I have a lot to do tomorrow.