Thursday, April 29, 2010

Unexpected Excursion

So apparently I'm leaving for Boston at one o'clock this afternoon and returning at one AM tomorrow. The drama group had 18 tickets but two people backed out so I'm going with them to see a show in Boston! Hooray! Gotta go do my math homework now cause there's no WAY I'm doing it in the morning. Tally-ho!

Oh, and Rambler Productions is now offering services to the community. Check it out here.

Wednesday, April 7, 2010


Hey everybody! Remember this post? Well, I am going to design a heraldric coat-of-arms for the blog over the weekend. If you want to join me in doing so and thus compete for the most awesome design then you should follow these few guidelines.

1. Since it is a coat of arms, it should have a shield as part of it. Whether the shield is the canvas for the design or just an element in the design is up to you.

2.  There should be a banner-like area for the motto. It should be possible to replace this motto if the need arises. I haven't really decided on a motto yet. It may or may not be in Latin. If you want to suggest a motto, leave it in the banner area. If not, leave it blank.

3. It should feature the blog's name (my initials) somewhere. SIR.

4. Be creative, make it awesome. You can use stuff you know about me, or stuff the blog has been about, or anything you think best represents this blog.

5. If you don't want to make one for me because you don't like to be used as slave labor (which is understandable) you can create your own coat of arms with your own initials and such. That'd be cool too.

The winning design will probably go up where I put that blank space in the header. Or it might go in the sidebar. I dunno. The nice thing about running my own blog is I can pretty much do whatever I want.

If you make the best coat of arms, whether it be for yourself or the blog I will reward you with something from my house. Believe me, it'll be something cool. I haven't figured out what yet. But since my dad is selling the house I've been going through my stuff and there are some really neat things that I don't really need to hang on to.

My sister made me a personal coat of arms. I like it, but I'm probably going to change the bottom right panel and also take my face out of the upper left. I don't want my face on the coat of arms, especially that particular face.

Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Looking for content?

My latest blog post is over at the Rambler blog. You can read it here.

EDIT: Several years later and I'm adding the post below because the Rambler blog might be removed.

TItans Clash, but is it a Smash?

Short answer: No.

Slightly longer answer: Clash of the Titansis a decent entertainment package that is entertaining to watch but doesn't push any boundaries like the original film did. Nevertheless it is worth the time to watch and I honestly have more good than bad to say. But a smash hit it is not.

 Really long answer: If you haven't seen the original 1981 flick I highly recommend you do so. The special effects were astonishingly good for their time and the movie is entertaining. Not to mention you get to see a lot of Bubo, Athena's mechanical owl which follows Perseus around on his quest. In fact, all the monsters in the original were made the old fashioned way, no CGI rendering. All the monsters are excellently made by Ray Harryhausen This gives the film a classic feel. Anyway, go watch it. It's an "Epic Entertainment Spectacular!"

I did not see the new movie in 3D because Augusta has nothing fancy despite being the capital of Maine.  Going into the film I was expecting a large crowd seeing as it was opening day. There were only a few dozen in the showing I went to, displaying once again what tough economic times we are in. Since this movie really kicks off the summer blockbuster season I wasn't expecting a deep storyline or phenomenal dialogue. I was expecting giant scorpions snipping people in two, Medusa making lifelike statues, and a giant turtle.....I mean Kraken. Seriously though, it looks like a cross between your typical squid-like Kraken, a turtle, and the Rancor from Star Wars. The old one looked laughably like a swamp monster. The movie delivered on the action front but skimped on story. Character development was okay but nothing special.

There were two guys in the film who apparently were supposed to be the comic relief. They were hunters, claiming to be capable of killing anything...unless it's in the underworld. Their characters were underdeveloped and weak, lacking any real value in either comic relief or story and only moderate value in action.

The biggest problem I had with the film was they needed MORE BUBO! I mean COME ON! Bubo was thecoolest part of the original film. A fully animated mechanical owl with a heroic side. He only appears onceas a brief homage to the original film and he isn't even animated.

Even if Bubo didn't get the screentime he deserved, the film did do some really cool updates to the old movie. Mount Olympus was very impressive, though a nice full CGI shot would've been cool. The underworld and the medusa scene were well done and added the urgency that the original film lacks. Overall the film was very entertaining with an appropriately epic soundtrack.

Rating?  87%**. The movie did what it set out to do, did it well, and didn't leave me with a feeling of dissapointment. That's all I ask.
*Side rant: Why do they always make movie-sites so large it takes three hours to load them? Darn it all. However, you can do one of those neato 3D card things with the kraken here.

**I'm switching to a percentage rating system because it allows me to be more precise. Otherwise I'll feel like I'm giving too many films the same rating that are really on different levels.