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My name is Spencer, I am a student at the New England School of Communications and I am majoring in Video Production.
That sounds boring and lame or at the very least insufficient. Let me elaborate so you may truly understand who I am.

I am Spencer Isaac Roberts, though I am also known to respond to "sir," "beard," (or beardo) "cameraman," and "hey you with the sticks." I live in Maine, which, contrary to popular belief, is not part of Canada. (And yes we have plumbing.) I have an older sibling, my sister Bailey, that I get along with so well that most people don't believe we're related. She is currently living in Vermont with her husband.

Ever since I was a freshman in high school people have been mistaking me for being in my early to mid-twenties. This may have something to do with the beard I started growing in 7th grade. At the moment, my beard is owned by Michael Church, who, having bought it when it was just a bit of fluff on my chin for the low price of $0.25, now controls whether or not I shave it off. Seeing as my assets have "grown", and the fact that he is very protective of his property, it is unlikely that you'll be able to buy my beard off of him. Many have tried, none have succeeded.
Good luck though.

I am a total nerd (as if you couldn't tell). Proud of it too. Hank and John Green, also known as the Vlogbrothers (see Youtube), helped solidify that, but I've been a nerd from birth. Here are a few headlines for my nerd points. By the age of five I knew how to run my grandparents computer. I watched Star Trek as a way of learning new vocabulary. I can probably quote every line from every Firefly episode and I can sing every song from Dr. Horrible's Sing-along Blog. I keep a list of every movie I've ever seen. If you want more than that, try and have a conversation with me sometime and you'll get a double-dose of nerd.

Starting sophomore year I was in my high school's video production program. I took the class because it looked like it could be fun and I needed some more electives to fill my schedule. Little did I know at the time that by senior year I would pretty much live in the "cave." (The video room has no windows and the ceiling consists of utility pipes and such.) My first year of video production I wasn't nearly as good as some of my friends. In fact, my production company (the group of students I worked with) which was entitled "Boris", was mostly run by two of my friends. I had little to do with it. Over time I took a more prominent role in the productions.
The Lion's Roar was the first project I worked on that I'm actually proud of. It was a music video to a song of the same name by The Hush Sound. This project was so much fun and it was the beginning of my mild obsession with making music videos. It was followed with The Perfect Crime #2 also a song, this time by The Decemberists.

I followed that up with what I hoped would be my crown jewel of my high school video career. An hour long film based on and set to the music of the album The Hazards of Love by The Decemberists. I spent an entire year working on the project only to ultimately run out of time. I had to move on and so did my actors.

The Hazards of Love wasn't the only thing I worked on that year though. I also had the opportunity to work on The Putt Putt Syndrome, a Hollywood movie filmed in my own hometown. Mostly I dealt with behind the scenes camerawork. There is a featurette on the DVD with the behind the scenes footage.

In addition to Putt Putt, I was a finalist in the 2010 Maine Student Film and Video festival with my promotional video for Script Frenzy and I also participated in the 2010 48 Hour Film Project.

As I said earlier though, the time came for me to move on. What did I move on to? College, of course.

The New England School of Communications sent me my letter of acceptance roughly four days after I had completed my application and interview. It is the only college I applied to.

Man am I glad I did.

NESCom is exactly what I was looking for in a college. A small student body, lots of equipment to use, great faculty, as little drunken revelry as I could hope or want, and of course the classes which have been teaching me everything I need to know to succeed in the video field.

That just about brings us to right now where I'm sitting at my desk in my dorm room managing my internet-self. My life is quite eventful right now, so keep checking in with my blog, or friend me on Facebook and I'll be sure to keep you apprised.