Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Tubas and Life-Altering Experiences.

Hello again friends! Today is Tuesday August 31st, my second day of college classes at the New England School of Communications (NESCom). I moved in Saturday, bringing only a few things with me (according to everyone else anyway, I think my provisions are perfectly adequate) then I sat through a rather uninteresting convocation ceremony followed by a really awesome Freshman seminar session involving a 12 camera set-up, live band (River Bottom Funk), ESPN rep, and just general awesomeness. It is something to note that most of the parents were enjoying the band while the student (well, the video students anyway) were intently staring at the glorious equipment and its smooth operation.

I live in Carlisle Hall on the third floor, which, interestingly, is on ground level. As is the first and second floor. No I don't really understand that either. My roommate is also a video major and we get along pretty well, he just likes to sleep a lot more than I do. Met two other video majors right nearby so we all started hanging out together. We all get along quite well, although our sleep schedules vary somewhat (and I thought I slept in late).

We took the opportunity to go to the American Folk Festival down on the Bangor Waterfront. Mostly we just wandered around aimlessly in a big circle back to where the bus was going to pick us up. None of the venues really interested us. However, once we got back to the bus stop we discovered a marching band and dance group playing the crowd. In the back of the band there were 8 tuba players. We sat down on the side next to this group and watched. The closest tuba guy to us was about the most energetic tuba player I have ever seen. I mean this guy was on fire. We all agreed that "tuba guy" was the most entertaining part of the day.

Monday went by slowly as I made sure to be really early to all my classes to be sure I wasn't late or in the wrong location. Ironically, in my very first class (Video 1) I came in early and waited as the 40 or so other students filed in. About five or ten minutes before class started this grizzled old dude comes in and sits down and starts talking to us. Takes about six minutes before he mentions his name as Mr. Baker (or something) and someone pipes up that their schedule lists Mr. Vachon as the teacher and is this Video 1 class? Mr. B gives a blank stare for a moment and replies "I'm the small business teacher."

At this point every single person in the room gets up to leave, indicating that it wasn't just a few messed up schedules but the entire class. Mr. B told us to stay and went off to find his class. Luckily Mr. Vachon showed up a few minutes later and we started class.

My other classes have been pretty cool and I'm excited to really get into them. College life just feels right to me. Like I've been waiting for this my entire life. NESCom is just fantastic and I can actually see for the first time the direction my life is going. I hope once I finish the latest John Green book I'm reading I'll get around to doing at least one video blog so y'all can see my dorm room. Best of luck to everyone else in college!