Monday, December 17, 2012

Keep Me Logged In - A Social Media Experiment

Today's post comes to you in the form of a vlog! It even has a fancypants opening screen! Watch the video, then read on! Fair warning, the vlog is twenty minutes in length, but it should move along fairly quickly. I cut out just about every pause and intake of breath.

Here is the post I put up to let people know what I would be doing. The response was minimal compared to many other things I've put up. Names and images have been partially obscured for privacy.

was overreacting to what my coworkers were doing to my Facebook page. Hardly anything was posted, just a few prods and pokes at me about how I couldn't log on. ex. 

There are still people who make a conscious choice to not use Facebook and other social media. And there are many people who make an unconscious choice to use social media. I for one make a conscious choice to use social media because I believe it to be a useful tool for maintaining relationships. It wasn't hard for me, but it can be a major problem for some people. Prior to starting this project I read up on some other's experiences. One of the most fascinating and troubling is called "This User Does Not Exist"

Giving up social media and cell phones isn't fun, but it isn't that hard.

UPDATE: A great example of why social media is so useful and wonderful is the Project For Awesome, happening now! A 48 hour social media binge devoted to raising money for charities. I'm glad my experiment didn't overlap with this because now I'm logged in constantly raising money!