Wednesday, December 4, 2013


Yes, I'm posting this within the same hour as my last post but I need to do some catching up to meet the requirements of my Social Media Marketing class. Last week I was away at Thanksgiving with my family and unable to update my blog. I probably should have scheduled posts to go up ahead of time but I didn't think of it.

I spent Thanksgiving with my mothers side of the family (as I do most years). I drive my grandmother to the event because she probably shouldn't drive long distance. We make our way to Smugglers Notch Resort in Vermont. We rent several suites there because my extended family is ENORMOUS. If you don't believe me here is a picture of the Thanksgiving dinner table.

Sorry, I meant to say ONE of the dinner tables. We can't all fit at one table because there are so many of us. This year we had upwards of 30 people and there were at least four or five who didn't make it.

Two turkeys, a ham, the always (read: never) popular brussel sprouts, and what may be the tastiest desert I've ever encountered.

This is an Oreo ball. It consists of mashed up Oreo cookies dipped in chocolate. I don't even Pinterest and I would pin this in a heartbeat. It is moist and dense and almost fudgelike. But not too fudgelike.

I had a great time in Vermont catching up with family and seeing the sights. Looking forward to next year!