Monday, June 14, 2010

Mobile Post 2 (Updated)

Prjct Grad. Alfond waterville. Bouncing castles. Infltble obstacle crse. P-pong. Foosball. Great friends. Good food. One of best nights evr. Carpe Nostrum Diem.
It's kind of obnoxious how short my mobile posts have to be and how I cannot add a title till I reach a computer, but I thought that 3AM at project grad right after I completed my high school career was a time when a mobile post made a lot of sense. However, I'm still exhausted, so I'm going to update this post with more content later.

IT IS NOW LATER! Contrary to the timestamp on this post, it is now 10 PM on Friday, June 18. In response to the comment below by Chris, Hazards is currently an unknown. I really have no idea what is going to happen to it. I'm hoping to work that out in the coming week or two.

I'm here to first off talk about graduating from high school, project grad, and how it really is time to carpe nostrum diem. If you've been wondering why I've been spouting Latin despite my complete lack of Latin knowledge it is because my class' salutatorian, Cody Dennet, gave a wonderful speech in which he encouraged our class with those words, meaning "Seize our day." While I wouldn't say that Cody's speech inspired me to seize this time of opportunity in my life, he did give me a nifty catch phrase/battle cry to attribute to this new section of my life.

This new section of my life where the words homeroom and study hall no longer have meaning, where homework means heavy lifting instead of heavy reading, and where lunch no longer means a bologna, cheese, mustard, and pepperoni sandwich. I don't yet know if it's a better life, but it is certainly different.

Most people would cite no longer being inside the hallowed halls of learning....also known as jail by some... as a major change in their life. I, however, graduated Sunday then proceeded to go to school Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, and today. Today right up until they kicked me out so they could set the alarm and shut the school down.

I've finished the Kennebec Dance DVD, the Reflections from Nature Documentary, The Putt Putt Documentary still needs to be compressed but it is essentially done I believe, and I also edited, produced, and burned the Graduation 2010 DVD. So I've kept myself busy. So busy that as I stated above, Hazards is an unknown.

In other news there is an enormously huge lawn sale all day tomorrow at my house. You should come and look over the mounds of stuff we have for sale. Seriously, it's like a furniture superstore mixed with an antique shop in the middle of a dump next to a flea market. And Chris, yes, that means you Mr. Balcer, you can come pick up your super amazing fantastic prize you won for being the only person to submit a design for a coat of arms. I think if you pick out what you want (within reason) that would be a better prize than me finding something. If you can't make it I'll pick something out for you.

In even otherer news I am getting a brand new Macbook Pro and Ipod Nano. That's right, the beard is leaving the stone age of music and his trusty CD player behind (which is probably good cause I can't find ANY of my CDs). I'm actually recieving the Ipod for free through Apple's "buy a mac for college, get an Ipod" thing. I would've gone for a touch but only the 8 GB version was free and that was kind of small.
My Macbook will come with Final Cut Express pre-installed so I will be able to work on projects anywhere. Which could be the saving grace for The Hazards of Love. (Though I still need to get my hands on a camera.)

Guess what!? I'm exhausted again, so I'm going to go to sleep. I don't think I need to say anything more about project grad right now, my half-awake mobile post about it gets the sentiment across pretty well.

Good night all! (Who am I kidding? You're all reading this tomorrow, which is today while you're reading this, which...nevermind.)