Saturday, September 22, 2012

100th less 4 - Dream Journal #1

So I thought that today I would put up my 100th blog post. Turns out this is only my 96th blog post because the number I had been going by included 4 unpublished drafts of posts I'd never finished. Whoops.

These included my long-awaited "Why I can't stand Tarantino" rant, a post about why you shouldn't always be a consumer of ideas, but a producer of them, and two unfinished dream journal posts. I didn't realize that these drafts were contributing to the total post number till just now.

So, in order to reach that 100th post I will be giving you regular updates for a while! Woooo! And I'm not lying about it either. By the time this post is published I'll have three more written and automatically scheduled to go up.

As kind of a lead-up to my 100th post, these next three updates will be dream journal posts and the 99th will be the "consumer of ideas" draft fleshed out. The 100th post isn't about dreams specifically, but dreams are a part of it.

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I don't remember when I started writing down my dreams, but ever since then when I wake up I scribble down what I can remember as quickly as I can. Sometimes these scribbles go missing before I can type them up, but to date I have managed to "fully" record about 10 dreams. There are several dozen more that I have partially recorded and still others where I have just a sentence or two.

I love dreams because I can understand only the parts that make them up but I can never comprehend them as a whole. They are a perpetual mystery to me, ever changing and endlessly complicated.

Today I would like to tell you about a dream I had last year. I used this dream in my psychology class, so it has one of the most detailed accounts.

What I can remember starts here; everything before is a complete haze.

I am outside a large, primarily wooden fortress. It has high walls and a large, open area in the center. There are towers in at least two of the corners. I know I must get into the fortress. I know this fortress has a leader and that he is my enemy.

Close enough.
I enter the fortress, probably through the front gate, but I can't remember. Inside there are stairs and balconies running around the interior of the walls. They slowly spiral upwards around the complete circumference of the interior. Occasionally these balconies are broken up by small rooms, especially in the corners of the fort (like where the towers are).

I begin running through the fortress: around the edges, up staircases and along balconies. When I would encounter a door I would fumble frantically to open it.

As I'm running I begin to see guards patrolling the fortress. I begin to shoot them because apparently I have a gun of some sort. Many of the guards are carrying keys which I take after I shoot them. Most guards are running after me or toward me but occasionally one is simply leaning over the balcony railing. These ones will look up at me as I run by with menacing glares. Their eyes are dead black. I toss one of these guards over the edge.
The guards kinda looked like this.

Or at least I thought about doing it. I don't think my dream self responded.

I discover I don't have the key to unlock a door. It's just a twist lock on the outside so the keys are entirely unnecessary. I sometimes accidentally drop the keys I get and kick them in stride; they go flying forward underneath the next door. I lock doors behind me as I run. At one point I think I could have escaped but I knew I had to keep going for whatever purpose I was there for in the first place. I keep running up the fortress by going down hallways and then up ramps. My gun makes no noise when fired so I make the noise with my mouth instead. Higher and higher I go, shooting the black-eyed guards. Finally I make it to the tallest tower. (No, there isn't a princess in it.)

The stairs end in a small room at the top of the tower. I go left around a box protruding from the floor in the middle of the room. It has a lid and is slightly slanted. I go behind it to the back wall. Mid-way up the back wall (not a very tall wall) there is a pouch in the wall: a nook, or a scoop, made of wood. I get in and squeeze down as low as I can. Somehow I know that if I can figure it out, this pouch and the accompanying box are part of a mechanism capable of firing me (like a cannon) out of the fortress to safety (apparently I didn't actually need anything in the fortress?).

I hear someone coming. I lay still. Suddenly I can see the top of their head, which means they can see me. I jerk up, ready to fire my gun. Instead of a guard, it is two boys. I have never seen them before. For some reason I know one of their names is William.

He is small and incompetent. The other boy is a bit more knowledgeable. They have shut the door and I know the guards have lost us. The nameless boy indicates the question "What do we do?" (because I never actually hear people talk in dreams).

I know somehow that we need airflow to get the mechanism working in order to escape. I notice two deeply inset basement type windows to the left and right. I open one, then the other. William is standing in an annex to the room which I don't recall being there earlier, this being such a small, tall tower. He is facing away from me. There are two grills in front of him (cooking grills). The one on the left is vague because I never looked at it, but it's large and rectangular and resting on something. The one on the right is on the half melted lid of a large magenta travel cooler (oddly specific I know). the wires on the grill sort of ended and the lid of the cooler slanted up from them to the unmelted side (closer to me). There is an open sandwich on a bun roasting on this grill. It has onions and peppers. That is all I remember of the sandwich. Why was there a sandwich? The world will never know. Maybe I was hungry.

I tell William to open a third window that is behind the travel cooler grill. He and I immediately dismiss this idea because he is small and would burn himself on the grill. I begin to clamber over to the grill so I can reach out and open the window. If I can get this one open the mechanism will function and there will be tons of airflow.

If anything occurs after this, I do not remember; I think I woke up.

This dream follows the typical pattern of my dreams. They start off almost normal and then get progressively more bizarre as time goes on. What are your thoughts?