Saturday, September 29, 2012

Dream Journal #2 - My Funeral

For my second dream, I would like to share with you the longest and most diverse of my dream journals. The placeholder "FZZZZZ" indicates that that part of the dream was lost or forgotten before I wrote it down. The length indicates how much I think is missing there.

I'm actually going to split this dream into two posts because it is so long and the two halves are almost completely unrelated. The first part is entitled "My Funeral" and the second is entitled "Dragon Riding" which you'll have to wait a while to read! Ha! That's sure to make my three readers come back!

My Funeral


In something like a bank maybe? Plastic chairs all around like the old ones in the Commons at Mechuwana. Layout of the room is unknown. I have been showing two potentially evil people (I didn't know they were evil until later) my casting photos for Margaret in The Hazards of Love on my laptop. For some reason it wasn't working. the wrong photos were coming up; they were just landscapes.

I don't know if that's what made these two angry or if it was someone or something else. But there's a brief period of FZZZZ and then I'm running from someone in this bank. I know they want to kill me. But if they can't find me they can't kill me. So I run and hide underneath and behind two stacks of chairs. Someone is sitting in one chair and I peer out from behind their legs at the now-chaotic crowd, hoping not to see my attacker. My laptop is on another chair above me. The person sitting in the chair is either already dead or entirely unconcerned with the chaos.

Flash of white.


I'm wandering around in a large spacious building which is filled with friends and relatives. The building is on an ocean cove (similar to Swan's Island).

I soon discover that this is my funeral (of a sort), as people are lamenting my death.

I shift in the dream and am standing on a flat field of layered ashes surrounded by stones. It is set into a hill and has an entrance that is still standing in the hill. I figure out that this was the bank; it seems the flash of light was an explosion. There are people moving around, working. Clearing debris and fixing up the border rock foundation. They are building something. I ask what, to nobody in particular. Patrick Raph replies that they are building a memorial to the dead. He wasn't replying to me, but to the air or someone else. I'm dead after all. It was weird.

(This next bit felt very separate from the rest of the dream) I think I wandered down the hill to some British girl and talked with her for a while. I cannot remember about what. I also tried to speak more with my friends and relatives until I realized for certain I was dead.

But I still have the feeling that I'm not dead. So I walk over to where I think the corner was where the chairs were that I'd hid under. I either drop through the ground or off the edge of a short cliff so that I'm looking at a cross section of ashes. I realize I must be alive in there somewhere. I start clawing at the soft ash more and more urgently. At one point I hear a faint noise. The ash in front of me starts to move more than what I'm clawing away. I touch a hand as it pokes out. I am now the one clawing out. A strong hand grabs mine and hauls me out of the ashes. People are astonished.

Some woman immediately grabs me and in a flurry of speed teleports me back to a spacious room. I am suddenly an infant in her arms.

People are amazed that I am alive. At some point I determine that my laptop may have been found by someone who may have grabbed it to preserve what they could, or to steal it and leave me to die. So I find my laptop.

But I'm still an infant. This half of the dream ends here. I couldn't help but notice that I was born again out of ashes in this dream. I might've spent the day following this dream thinking about phoenixes if it weren't for the rest of my dreaming that night. Stay tuned for my next post as I ride a dragon.