Saturday, October 6, 2012

Dream Journal #3

Now for a bit of dragon riding! Keep in mind this dream occurred immediately after the one in my previous post, so there are some holdovers. (Remember that "FZZZZ" indicates something I don't remember from the dream, and the estimated length of what I've forgotten)


I am looking from the perspective of a camera flying through a building. I think it's the building built on the ruins of the bank. There's a man picking up a cat and talking to someone. Two families are joining together to live here. Someone mentions that there's a plethora of cats in the building. The man pales; he doesn't like animals THAT much. It feels like the ending to a romantic comedy or something. The camera (which is me) zooms forward through several rooms as children and cats and other animals frolic by.

The camera stops by a large semi-circular window. I am now standing nearby with my mother, no longer from the perspective of the camera. We watch out the window to the same cove as in the previous half of the dream. A black dragon flounders in the mud. My mother is upset by the struggling dragon and suggests I go put it out of its misery. I say no, we should let nature take its course. The dragon gives a mighty heave and sinks deeper in the muck. I'm certain this is the end and start to turn away. My mother lets out a noise and I look back to see the dragon has freed his wings and is frantically flapping his way to deep water to clean the clinging mud. He makes it. I am happy for the dragon. Suddenly I lose sight of the dragon for a moment. I get the feeling something is wrong. I see a black shape approaching the window at high speed. I yell and throw my mother to the ground as a massive dragon's head crashes through the window. (Yeah, I'm kind of a badass in my dreams.)

Briefly I consider fighting, but then I suddenly know what I have to do. I run at the dragon and leap at it as it starts to turn. I land just behind its head as it rotates and takes off again. Both the dragon and I sense the approaching danger at the head of the cove. A MASSIVE red dragon-snake-like-thing shoots out of the deep water at the mouth of the cove. There is someone riding it. He is evil. He may be the one who killed me.

As I approach him at high speed I DAYDREAM IN MY DREAM (weird right) that I shoot a ball of fire at his face. I don't actually do this.

We exchange words (don't remember them), and then I know I have to beat him back to where he came from. His dragon-snake is so long it extends back to where he came from, so far away I can't see the end. I start to follow the tail. I get in front of him as he doubles back to catch me. He is right behind me. I follow the tail of the dragon-snake up a shaft running straight up. The red dragon shoots by me and I am stuck between the two halves of the red dragon snake as they slowly close together in the shaft. They continue to close together. Both me and my nemesis feel smug. I have a "proximity alert" type image in my head and so I know exactly when to step off the dragon through a metal door (feels almost like stepping of an escalator) and then I walk through the door.


That is all I can remember.

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