Thursday, October 29, 2009

A number of pages bound together...

That's what a book is. But a book is a lot more than that too. All the squiggly lines and such can really have a deep impact on you provided those squiggly lines are in good order. I thought I'd share with you some of the books I've read and try to convince you to read them.

Yes I realize that the last two posts have been pretty much a list of my favorite things in various catagories and I promise that eventually my posts will consist of more than that, but there's no harm in a little background is there? Getting to know me so you know why I'm the way I am? Delving into the deepest mysteries of the self? Ok, maybe a list of favorite books isn't my deepest self, but still...Yes I know you have the attention span of a flea, but...HEY! Fine I'll stop rambling. Books. GO!

SWORD OF TRUTH series by Terry Goodkind.
Absolutely without a doubt my favorite book series ever. I own every volume (of which there are 11) Each book is about a thousand pages long and each is fantastic. Well, except The Pillars of Creation, that one was kind of blah.
I picked up the first one on a shelf at my house because the cover was interesting and the book was very thick. (I enjoy a long read) "Wizards First Rule" it read. I assumed the cover meant wizards would be ruling over the populace, I was wrong. Anyway, I read it, enjoyed it, and went on to read other books by other authors. Then, nearly a half a year later I found the sequel to the book on another shelf at my house (we have a veritable library). The first book had been so well written I had not even realized it was part of a series. The end had wrapped things up nicely and I assumed that was it. I've never been happier about being wrong. The second book is the thickest in the series and just as good as the first. From then on I rabidly read through the whole series, borrowing them from the local library.
The books center around a man named Richard Cypher and a woman named Kahlan Amnell caught up in a fantasy whirlwind. The books get my seal of approval because each book reveals a new "Wizard's Rule" which are the rules (more like lessons) that wizards live by. These rules are applicable in normal life and are both obvious and profound at the same time. Goodkind doesn't just throw them at you as if they came out of a fortune cookie, instead he has you watch as his characters live out experiences which are ultimately governed by these lessons. In this way the reader comes to have an intimate understanding of the lessons such that they are more than just words.
Another element of this series that blows me away is the character development. If I met the main characters in real life I would not find them lacking in any human quality. They are so well rounded and without any cliches except those that I would expect to find even in reality.

I really could go on and on and on about this series, but I'll cap things off with this. I HIGHLY recommend this series to ANYONE who wants a good read. I've read the whole series at least three times and some individual books up to five times. In a series that totals over 11,000 pages, that tells you it must be good. If you're unsure about it, read the first book at least and if you like it, continue. If you don't like it, just please don't do this. I hold that book number six "Faith of the Fallen" is the best in the series. Only book to ever make me cry. In fact, now that I remember it, I will relate to you a brief story. I was reading one of the Sword of Truth books and I got up to do something else. I was extremely angry. Like, steam-out-the-ears angry. I was walking around for a few minutes when I thought to myself "why am I angry?" I then realized that the emotions of the characters in the book had been so realistic and I had gotten so involved with the characters that I was sharing their emotions. My point is that this series is amazing. Ok, I swear I'll stop ranting now.

Next book? I really shouldn't... How's this. I'll post the rest of my books in a few days with shorter summaries. This post is long enough.