Monday, October 26, 2009

Video Update

Just thought I'd update the blog with my current projects. I'm working on several right now, including...

The Hazards of Love music video

The Putt Putt Syndrome documentary

Mechuwana promotional video

Get Crackin' video contest

RamblerProduction demo reel

...and various other side-projects. As you can see, I've got a ton on my plate right now. The Hazards of Love is coming along nicely, I've wrapped fall filming and I'm going to start my winter shooting in a week or two. The editing of what footage I do have is a slow process. Today I worked on incorporating elements from videocopilot's "evolution" package into the prelude and interlude of the video. Rendering takes FOREVER, but the results are fantastic.

The Putt Putt documentary hit a major snag last week when the computer that had ALL the files crashed. Now, in our video production studio, we have four Mac Pro's dominating the room. Each is named after a famous director. Guess who died? Spielberg. I'm just glad that James Cameron is still solid, he's where I have all MY files.

We also have Quentin Tarintino and....well....another director.... anyway. I thought Macs were crash-proof or somesuch? Guess not. I really wish "kernel panic" meant a sudden fear of corn. All project files were lost except what we had already compressed which was almost nothing. Pat Flynn and I managed to swap out the terabyte drive from poor dead Speilburg and stick it in "another director." Problem solved right? Wrong! We failed to take into account that video projects are saved in bits and pieces all over a computer. Just swapping the one drive had left important files behind. We were unable to open the project ever again, despite many valiant attempts.

I finally managed to find all the raw files so we at least were able to avoid re-logging the ENTIRE mass of footage. (nearly 24 hours of video). (That's just a rough guess) (I don't actually know).

So Anna and I scrambled to re-edit the end credit sequence together again because Allen, the director, wanted them in Australia by, well, today. After a hectic day of font licensing and video wrangling I rendered, compressed, and uploaded the end credit sequence and shipped it to Allen. A process which took nearly four hours. I was at school till quarter to six. Darn good thing I enjoy this stuff, the janitors gave me funny looks when I left the building.

The Mechuwana promotional video has been sadly neglected as I've been working on all my other projects. But now that I've gotten the crashed computer crisis out of the way and The Hazards of Love is on a temporary hiatus due to Jack Frost I should have some time. I'll freely admit that most of what work I have finished on the PromotionAL video wiLl nOt be gOing in Ze finAl project, but in the secret side-project I created. I expect to have the actual video completed by Christmas. Just a matter of getting down to it.

Shaw and I came upon a SWEET video contest hosted by Wonderful Pistachios which asks for a fifteen or thirty second commercial on how to crack a pistachio. If we win we will recieve $25,000, an HD camera, and a years supply of pistachios.


Hopefully that'll be filmed this week or next week.

Finally, Patrick Flynn and I have been talking about creating a demo reel to show off what Winthrop High video students can do. Now that we have the entire VideoCopilot collection along with the soon-to-be-delivered Adobe Production Premium we can really pull out all the stops.

Oh, one last thing! I've created a poster for The Perfect Crime. Here it is. If you want a full-size copy of the poster let me know! Just five bucks!

That's all for tonight!