Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Fling into Fall

I visited my mother in Searsport over Columbus Day break. It's a nice town on the coast with lots of great businesses and events happening all the time. While I was there Searsport was celebrating their  annual "Fling into Fall" with hayrides, craft fairs, graveyard tours, scarecrow contests, and more. It was great fun. Whilst wandering around Kelly and I ran into WABI TV5 and were interviewed for a hard-hitting story about the festival. You can watch the news story here. For some reason the audio doesn't work but the transcript is right beneath it.

My mother was one of the entrants into the scarecrow competition with her "Preacher Polly" who I assume would preach to the crows until they fell asleep in the pews. (Kidding, Mom.) Preacher Polly was so popular she was presented a purple ribbon! ribbon. Got carried away with the consonance there. 1st prize in the individual category.

I also helped my grandmother clean out some of her storage unit on Monday. Found my grandfathers old HP computer. That brings my computer count up to eleven I think. When I finished digging through the box of computer stuff I found a gold coin stuck in the cardboard at the bottom.

Can you see the currency denomination on the bottom there? Apparently the US used to make TONS of two and a half dollar coins. Go figure. This one could be worth up to $200. Though I don't expect I'd get more than $100 if I tried to sell it. Anybody interested?