Monday, October 28, 2013


I just got this email...

Dear Spencer Roberts,
I hope this Monday finds you well, and recovering from the weekend! We had a crazy weekend here, watching our USC Gamecocks pull off a stunner in Missouri Saturday night! I think that game left EVERYBODY in shock - the Gamecocks waited to start a comeback from 17-0 with only a few minutes left on the clock, then went all the way thru the last seconds of overtime to win it - what a game! That said, my house is a divided camp - some of us grew up in Clemson Tiger territory, so fall weekends can be brutal on the home-life!
Ah well.....back to work.....Just a few weeks ago, you made a purchase from us online (via our Amazon Prime store), and I want to check up on it.
According to our records your purchase was for the following: Apple Remote Remote Control

(The rest of the email is what you would expect from a purchase followup. It asks me to rate my satisfaction and such)

I really don't care about basketball. That's about basketball right? I don't know who the "Gamecocks" are. The only sport I want to understand is Calvinball. Anyway, I just thought this was the strangest attempt to "personalize" a business email I've ever seen. It did grab my attention I suppose.

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