Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Old Cell Phones are the BEST

Normally I don't blog more than once per day (or lets be honest, once every few months) but I've got deadlines to make folks! A side effect of being gone all weekend is I didn't get the chance to update my blog the requisite number of times for my social media class.

Everybody - "But Spencer, why don't you just update your blog from your smartphone?"

Me - "..."

Everybody - "You do have a smartphone, right?"

Me - "It used to look pretty smart..."

Motorola W385:
Before and After

That's right folks, I've been using the same phone for nearly six years. No it can't access the internet but it does respond to voice commands. And yes, I have carved designs into the paint.

In all seriousness though, having an old phone is great. I know people who burn through a smartphone every few months, or as soon as the old one inevitably develops spiderweb cracks all over the touchscreen. My phone has key components made out of metal, not plastic, so it is extremely durable, as evidenced by its age.

I had to replace the charger and battery recently. The battery had swelled to the point where I could not close the battery compartment. Replacement cost? Nine dollars.

The DynaTAC (better known as the brick) is the first commercially available cell phone and it became available in 1984. That's only twenty-nine years ago. I've had my phone for somewhere between five or six of those years. I've had my phone for nearly twenty percent of the entire time cell phones have existed.

Time to go link it to my Twitter account.