Saturday, November 28, 2009

I give this week a 9 out of 10

It was that good. Spent three days at Smuggs with the extended family. Food, fun, etc. I'll give you some of the highlights

I ATE PROSCIUTTO! As you may have read in my earlier post I am a huge fan of this stuff. Here is a link to the wikipedia article on it. I didn't have the chance to go to the restaurant and have prosciutto-wrapped chicken but I did have it wrapped around mozzarella in a spiral. SO TASTY. And there was shrimp with cocktail sauce and smoked salmon with cream cheese. Add to that the usual tasty Thanksgiving treats and you what is likely the most appetizing week of my life.

One of the traditions my family has when we are in Vermont is going to the Snowflake chocolates shop. It's just a little one-room store but it is filled to the eaves with homemade chocolates and candies. In fact, sometimes you can see the employees making the candies in the back of the shop. I bought much candy. On a similar note, we also often stop at Maple Grove Farms in Jerhico, VT. They make the best candy on the planet there. Pure maple candy. It is absolutely amazing. I bought a ton this year.

Another tradition is heading into Burlington on Black Friday and shopping down Church St. I managed to find gifts for three or four of the people on my list and I hope to finish the rest of my shopping before long. We saw the famous purple-with-pink-polka-dots house. Here is a pic (not by me)

On another note, NaNoWriMo is in its final days. I think I know about five people who made the 50,000 word goal. Which is pretty good. I'll let you know my final word count when the month is officially over. I'm kinda bumming that I didn't even stick with my one-post-a-day goal but even trying that for just a week got me involved enough with the blog that I don't think I'll stop posting.

As a final blurb here I'd like to say that the XKCD comics for yesterday and Wednesday are officially awesome. I may have to start wearing the key "f." And the one about Pandora is so very, very true. Also, this made my day today. Listen to it, some of it at least.

Yeah, that's it for today. Not one of my better posts, it wasn't very coherent. But you didn't come here for coherency did you? I thought not.