Sunday, November 29, 2009


You know how just yesterday I said that this past week gets a 9 out of 10? Since I (along with Europe) consider Monday to be the start of the week I say I still have time to change that rating. I'm going to have to raise it to a 9.8. Why, you ask?

I just got a call from Allen Cognata, director of The Putt Putt Syndrome. When I realized it was him I figured it was going to be about more credit reel alterations and such. No big deal, but more editing/rendering for me. Instead, after exchanging pleasantries about the holiday vacation, he mentioned how he liked the posters I had made for The Perfect Crime and The Hazards of Love (co-created with Graham). He then asked me if I thought I could make one for The Putt Putt Syndrome. I am now in the process of planning out a design for the poster. Allen had Rene (producer) send me a link to the press kit so I have some pictures to use in the design.

This may not have anything to do directly with filming but for some reason this really feels like the start of my career. With the credits and the documentary it was Allen asking the video production program as a whole. For this, he came to me directly and said "I really think you are the most qualified among us to do this." That right there is exactly what I wanted. To become qualified enough that people come to me when they need something done. I'm not saying I'm experienced yet, but it's definitely a start. Below are photos of each of my movie posters, along with a filler for the Putt Putt poster. I think for my next post I'll focus on the topic of graphic design.

For now, I'm signing off. Hope everyone had a good Thanksgiving vacation.