Friday, November 13, 2009

That week never happened.

So, you may have noticed that I have neglected my blogging duty since Monday. I sincerely apologize to my one and a half readers. ;) Ah well, I'm going to use Swine Flu as my excuse. No I didn't come down with the virus, but school was shut down Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday. There were mixed reactions throughout the student body but the general consensus was "SWEET!" There was a brief moment of panic when Anna and I realized we wouldn't be able to work on the Putt Putt Syndrome credits, which are need to be completed soon. Thankfully we got permission to take the computer home. So now I have this beaut sitting in the back kitchen of the house (only place with grounded wiring).
Two terabyte hard drives and impressive processor speed, this computer is like a dream. I really wish I could've taken home the computer with my files on it too, but the Putt Putt Syndrome is a more pressing project. At any rate, I cleaned up the credit sequence to the directors specifications and once Allen comes by on Monday to confirm the final credit sequence Anna and I can focus more specifically on the documentary.

Tomorrow is the BIG day. I head off to NESCom to tour the campus, take a placement test, interview with an admissions officer, and pass in my application. I'm fixing up my essay from two posts back tonight to be sure that everything is in order.

While this post is short, it DOES qualify as a post, so ha.

Oh, and if I happen to have one on hand I'm going to start doing a "word of the day" thing on here. The first word of the day ever is.....
drumroll please......

Strikingly unconventional and far-fetched in style or appearance; odd.
 [probably from Basque bizar, beard.]

bizarro means "handsome" or "brave" in Spanish and Portuguese

That's right, my beard means bizzare and bizzare used to mean brave. Go me.