Monday, November 9, 2009

The man named Stu

Stu Smith. Just about the most unassuming name you could have short of being John Smith. Yet with this man rests the possibility, however small, of my career in filmmaking taking a nice leap forward. You see, Stu is the manager of The Decemberists to whom I sent my Perfect Crime DVD. On August 27 I first emailed him about it. I shipped it on Sept 4 after he responded with an address. The package arrived around Sept 8th or 9th. It is now November ninth, one month after he recieved the DVD and this is what I got in my inbox today, "Haven't had a chance [to watch it] yet I'm afraid..."

Now, you may think this is a rant and I'm angry with Stu or something. Not so, I'm more amused than anything else. This is a manager of one of the most popular indie bands in existence and he's giving me the courtesy of checking out my video, even if it is taking quite a while. Stu has probably written about a total of 50 words to me throughout the course of our email corrospondence (in fact the above is one of his longest emails). Stu is a man of few words, I like that. Somehow I sense that he is a pretty funny guy.

I know I promised you the five senses this week but I haven't had the chance to do the research I wanted to, so you're gonna have to wait. One day I'll actually figure out where I'm going with this thing and give it a nice big overhaul.

In other news, I today realized why a four-poster bed is so named. Go me.

Also! I created a cover for the 2010 Winthrop High School yearbook. I will be submitting it for review tomorrow. Here is what it looks like.

A ba de a aba dee aabaa That's all folks!