Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Teach an alien to say strange things like "fabaceous"

The title of this post is simply a mash-up of what I'm going to be writing about today, I am not actually going to show you how to teach linguistics to aliens. (Though that isn't a bad idea)

First off! I did not post last night! Considering the fact that my record hasn't been spotless this month that probably wasn't surprising. I was writing an essay for my English class that was due this morning. Despite being dead tired and writing right up to midnight I passed it in for a solid A-- . Which is rather depressing in that the last essay I did I worked hard on and revised and scrutinized for the same grade. But, I'm not really complaining. ;)

For the past several years I have been compiling a list of quotes said by me, my friends, my acquaintances, and various internet-acquired sources. As I have started doing a word-of-the-day I will also now attempt a quote of the day. It's more interesting than it sounds because my quotes often have great backstories. Here is the quote for today.

146.    “Thinking requires energy, right? That means it burns calories and gives you a higher metabolism. That would mean that [insert stupid person here] has a really low metabolism.” –Josh James

Josh and I engage in very intriguing conversations as we walk home after school together which can result in some hilarious/thought provoking quotes.

'Fabaceous" adj. - Like a bean
If Graham and I weren't already set on Perfect Roar Films I would totally create Fabaceous Films. Simply because I can.

Today ends the third voting period that Winthrop has participated in for the Teach@15 contest, put on by BestBuy in 19th for this voting period with a grand total of 85 votes. To put that in perspective, the top three positions were;

1,615 for first
1577 for second
877 for third

I'm rather frustrated because we don't need all that many people to participate in order to win. With the ability to vote once a day during a 15 day voting period each person can contribute 15 votes. With one hundred people voting it's nearly a guaranteed a winning slot. But with 85 votes, that works out to about 5 people. I think about 10 people voted, but not every day. Pathetic, we can do better.

Ah well, I probably should have done a bit more. Hopefully during this next voting period I can speak with advisers and get them to require each student to vote every morning.

There is a house just across from Norcross Point. It is a hideout for either aliens or mad scientists, I haven't been able to discern which just yet. Two nights now I've walked by it and the house has hissed and spit at me. Not to mention the windows emit neon blue light. My guess is they power their machinery with hidden turbines run by the nearby dam. As I have not discovered their goal, I do not know if their intentions are benign. Once winter comes I will attempt to communicate with them using glowing blue bulbs. I will keep you updated. On the same walk I discovered that I can sing "The Mariners Revenge Song" in it's entirety without missing a line. Who knew. (It's a nine minute song).

On the subject of Decemberist songs I can't get "Red Right Ankle" (3:29) out of my head.
This is the story of your red right ankle
and how it came to meet your leg
and how the muscle, bone, and sinews tangle
and how the skin was softly shed
I love the third line there. Anywho, that is all for tonight. I promise someday I'll start carrying my camera around with me so I can upload stuff like the glowing house.