Tuesday, November 24, 2009

My friends have teleporters.

The past few days have felt a lot more like the time around Halloween than around Thanksgiving. What do I mean? Well, for one thing, Alfred Hitchcock seems to be planning a sequel to "The Birds" in my front yard. For at least three days a large flock of birds has been hanging out in the trees next to my house. I'd venture to say that there are at least seventy of them out there now, whereas there were about fifty yesterday. They may be massing for an attack. It's possible that they are being controlled by the alien/mad scientists down the street that I talked about a few days ago but I'm not sure.

The other reason that it feels like Halloween is because I have very strange friends. I was hanging out with my father and Frank playing Wii bowling when Graham called and informed me that it looked like a nice game of bowling. I dropped my controller and ran outside to find him hiding at the front door. I looked around, finding no vehicle which he would've arrived in. After shaking off several questions are to why he was here and being a creeper he looked up expectantly and said "Wait, where'd they go?" and then proceded to run around to the side of the house, presumably looking for Josh. I followed him, at which point Josh and (insert forgotten name here) strolled unconceredly out of my house.

"And I.....but you......was just....WHAT THE HECK!?"

I hadn't gone more than thirty feet from the door when I went out to find Graham and yet somehow Josh and friend were somehow in my house when I went back. The door isn't terribly quiet and I should've heard it. After exchanging a few pleasantries inside (and dodging all questions about their unexplained arrival and transportation) they said they had to leave. They lined up in the driveway and Graham spoke authoritatively into his sleeve.
"Three to beam up."
I shook my head and closed the door. Two seconds later I looked out the window. Empty driveway.
So yeah.

Strange things do seem to happen around me and my abode. Grace refers to it as my "circle of pessimism" because I'm "always pessimistic." I say if you want pessimism, go here. Anyway, apparently my pessimism attracts unfortunate events. Here are some examples from just the past year.

Car drives into maranacook lake just down the street from me.
Man gets sideswiped by car at the end of my driveway
House explodes into flame next street over
Library across the street attacked by arsonist
"Hazardous materials" across the street caused neighborhood to be evacuated (false alarm, it was a can of paint)
I'm certain that the list goes on, but I can't think of anything else right now.

Watching "V" right now. Decent kinda show. Just saw a trailer for "Sherlock Holmes" which brings my list of must-watch movies up to three including "Avatar" and "2012"

Tomorrow I drive off to Vermont with my grandmother. Should be fun.

Goodnight all, and happy Thanksgiving week.