Saturday, November 14, 2009

Not a bad day, but a day of firsts

In two weeks I will discover whether or not I am accepted to NESCom. I am currently experiencing a mix of "Man, I'm super-excited to see if I'm accepted" and "Holy crap I just applied to college." When I was being interviewed I impressed myself with my calm, collected, and detailed responses to all the questions that were thrown at me. I even got a spiffy new leather jacket for the occasion, so I looked good too. I really really hope I get in.

The equipment that they have is phenomenal. I was kind of intimidated when I first saw their line-up of cameras. They have about seven different kinds, from super-cameras of the same type used to film things like Survivor down to.....the GL2! Which is what I'm familiar with. The GL2 looked really pathetic next to the other cameras. It was smaller than everything else, including the still camera. I asked one of the program directors about it and he told me about NESCom's leasing system. In order to keep up with the latest technology, most equipment is on three year lease so that every three years the equipment gets updated to the industry standard. The GL2 is next in line to be phased out. :(

They gave me a disposable camera to take photos of stuff, I took one of the camera line-up, I'll upload it once I get it developed.
I took a strange placement test which included questions like "Which of the two following proverbs are similar?" There were at least eight proverb related questions. Why? I couldn't tell ya. The english related questions I flew through but I got snagged even on simple math problems. I don't know why, but English just requires absolutely no thought from me to get it right. Math on the other hand is like sticking a stop sign in the middle of the I-95 in my brain. It isn't fun.

The rest of the visit passed fairly uneventfully. I did inform one of the program directors that his nametag had been upside down for his entire presentation. I think I may have embarrassed him slightly. Our tour guide, Godfrey, wasn't very good at enunciating and people kept having to ask him to speak up but other than those two things everything seemed very well choreographed.

As usual there are probably other things I should add but I must be getting off to bed. Goodnight all.

EDIT: Right, the other reasons why it was a day of firsts. First time getting a flat tire. A seriously flat tire. We were nearly running on the wheel rim, my mom and I that is. Anyway, we found a gas station and filled up the tire, which promptly deflated again. I found the hole, which was substantial, and went and bought some Fix-A-Flat which is some kinda foamy stuff you inflate the tire with. At any rate, I followed the instructions and then had my mum move the car. With every turn of the wheel the foam stuff came shooting out the hole. FLIIFFFT FLIFFFT FLIFFFT. Time to change the tire. I pulled out the donut from the back but my mom decided that since it was a long drive home, she'd just call Triple A and have them do it. So I didn't actually change the tire, but I would've. Probably didn't need to update with that, as the only people who read this blog have already been informed or were directly involved. Ah well.

Later all.