Friday, January 22, 2010

Everybody Frenzy!

The other day when I was looking up how many pages my 7000 word average came out to I ran across a link on the NaNoWriMo home page. Apparently there is something called Script Frenzy this April. Similar to NaNoWriMo, but instead of a 50,000 word novel you write a 100 page script. The best part of it is you are allowed to work with a partner. Several teams have already formed at WHS. I've teamed up with Shaw, Anna has teamed up with Pat Flynn, Dalton may be pairing up with Dom, and more teams are likely to form when the new semester starts. Who will stick it out and actually complete the challenge? That remains to be seen. Expect the Rambler Productions blog to have more frequent updates on that front than over here. If you'd like to join up (and I encourage you to do so) be sure to add me as a writing buddy. My username is Perfect_Roar_Films and you can check out my profile here. Not much to look at yet, but I only joined yesterday. Shaw and I have decided to do a full screenplay but beyond that we haven't decided on anything.

I'll be constantly on the lookout for plot ideas and good dialogue throughout the coming months, so when you're around me, try to act like you're in a movie, you might give me a good idea.

I don't have many ideas at all yet, though I really want to work in a murder involving nutmeg owing to the fact that I just recently learned that nutmeg is poisonous if injected into the veins.

I've been taking the advice from the site and reading up on some screenplay drafts. I've already read The Putt Putt Syndrome and Web Girl of course, but I've been checking out some more well known movies as well. You can find a lot of them here for free.

P.S. I finally figured out how to link pictures to sites rather than just a blank page with just the photo! Try the script frenzy pic! That took an inordinately long time to discover how to do... Oh well.

Also, if it worked correctly, this post published itself on it's own at the the time I specified! Exciting isn't it? No? Well it is for me so be quiet.