Thursday, January 21, 2010

There's a lot of numbers here

I just calculated that I am averaging about 7000 words a month on this blog. That works out to about 15 pages of text. So in a year of blogging I'll produce 180 pages of writing, or about 84,000 words. But since at my best I've only ever managed 20 days in a single month I'm missing at least 2,300 words per month that I could be churning out.

Not counting today's post, my total current word count is 22,651 words.

That's not enough. I had hoped to average 20,000 words a month back during NaNoWriMo. Hindsight being a wonderful thing, I can see that is unreasonable now. However, I don't see any reason why I can't shoot for 10,000 words a month. That seems reasonable right? The equivalent of a NaNo novel every five months.

So how am I to increase this word count and thus my monthly average? Why, post more of course! Easier said than done. But, I'll have you know, I have five, count em, FIVE posts in draft form right now. My plan is to start a blog post about anything I find interesting at any time of the day when I have my laptop with me. That way I can slowly build up back-up posts in addition to my regular posts. Now, ideally I want a back-log of ten posts at all times. If I were to start having a solid schedule for posting, I would do one post every other day. Since calender schedules make me nauseous I won't be doing that. I'll call it an unofficial time-traveling plan-log. What? It travels through time and records my plans doesn't it? Anyway, it sounds a lot cooler and makes my stomach happy.

Expect semi-regular blog posts starting birthday! We'll see how long I last after that though.

In other number-related news, I finished my math homework yesterday because I thought it was due today. This week has my internal schedule all screwed up. Which is probably a good thing, seeing as Monday my schedule changes completely for second semester.

I also have some unfortunate news on my movie deal prospect. I know I haven't blogged about it much, but the film Web Girl, by James Stiles, probably won't ever be associated with me. Mr. Stiles and I met for a chat about the film and what my responsibilities would be during post-production. It went okay I guess, he didn't talk too much about the actual work we'd be doing. We decided to sign a contract after my birthday to side-step legal issues and then he gave me the rough cut of the film on DVD. Three hours of raw footage. Not exactly entertaining, but it gave me a better idea about the film's direction. Jolly good, right? Wrong.

You should know that the first thing I told Mr. Stiles when he contacted me about this was that I have a lot of other responsibilities and while I'd give Web Girl a lot of attention I couldn't guarentee much if the project was on a tight schedule. He assured me that it was not. However, no more than three days after our meeting, after I had just finished the ungodly long rough cut he started chatting with me on Facebook. He had decided that I wasn't interested enough in the film, and he was worried that things were going nowhere.

Going nowhere? It'd been three days! Just what was I supposed to be doing?! I'd finished the rough cut and was waiting for my new school schedule so we could plan get-togethers for editing. At any rate, he was so anxious to get started he's decided to do the editing himself and buy a brand new Alienware system to run the software. I'm not as bummed out about all this as I thought I'd be. After all, his future rests on the success of this film, mine doesn't.

He's told me to keep in touch, so I may still end up working in some form on the film, just not as primary editor. Which, despite the lack of 3K in pay and 50% film rights, is probably a good thing because I have so much else to do in the world of film!

No hard feelings Stiles! First time in my life I can legitimately say "That's showbiz!"