Monday, January 11, 2010


I've been neglecting the blog for quite a while now. Sorry about that, faithful readers. I promise I'll have a more substantial update soon. All I have for you today is a short rant about Facebook and then a couple of websites. Oh, and I finally fixed the problem with the post timestamps. Somehow my time zone got switched to the west coast. Bizzare.

If you have a Facebook you may have noticed that over the past few days thousands upon thousands of women have been posting a Facebook status update containing a color or a number. Allegedly this is to raise awareness for breast cancer. A worthy cause to be sure. It would just be nice if they'd come up with a less obnoxious way to do it. The color indicates what color their bra is that day, and the number (accompanied by a sad face emoticon) indicates their shoe size (though it is meant to humourously insinuate that their partners are less-than-satisfactorily-endowed). I would like to ask what all this really accomplishes. Does this "raised-awareness" actually do anything? In my opinion if someone were to post FACTS or perhaps a link to a pertinant story it might be more successful in garnering support and donation for breast cancer research. Seeing a shoe size or bra color simply makes me annoyed that the person couldn't come up with something original.

I understand that humans enjoy participating in group activities and "jumping on the bandwagon" and I also understand that facts and links aren't as virulent in their nature but I doubt that any more actual progress has been made thanks to this strange effort. Though I'm probably just biased as this movement originates from a chain mail. I have an intense dislike of chain mail.

While you wait for something more than a rant, amuse yourself with these "single serving sites." Each site does one thing and one thing only. These are only a few, there are hundreds out there.

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Defiant Dog (this one's pretty accurate)

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