Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Quid Clarius Astris

For those of you who can't read Latin, like myself, you may have to go look up the title of this blog post. If you don't have to go look it up, then stop reading my blog because you're obviously smarter than I am!

The primary content of this post is going to be about dreams. You have probably experienced hundreds of dreams you remember (at least in part) and thousands upon thousands which have left no more imprint on your mind than a blank wall. Dreams tend to disappear very quickly once you've woken up. Which is usually a bummer because dreams make fantastic stories.

I propose that you are never more creative than in your dreams. Think about it, where else can you morph into a canine and go surfing? Or tumble down your staircase and land in a darkened warehouse full of dinosaurs? Or even stumble upon the ruins of a snow-covered lodge in the woods, the interior of which is filled with dead pizza-people?

Nowhere else. Cause that would just be messed up.

But in the world of dreams, the above examples are downright normal. And yes, all of those things have occurred in my dreams. Since dreams are a topic which I find endlessly fascinating I have decided to post the occasional dream journal entry to the blog here. I don't usually have dreams on a regular basis, but when I do they are complex and interesting.

So I'm going to start writing up my dreams in advance and posting them when I don't have something else to put up. Should keep you all entertained. If you have an awesome/crazy/bizzare dream you'd like to share, feel free to leave it in the comments!

One last thing, this technology is so awesome I couldn't wait for my next post. Check out this futuristic screen.