Thursday, January 14, 2010

Putt Putt Posters!

If you'll recall from way back in late November I've been working on movie posters for The Putt Putt Syndrome. I finished my first and second versions. I've posted them below with both the first rendition and the final copy of each. That way you can see the changes that occur between concept and completion.

For the first poster my only resources were the pictures that were used in the poster one of the producers whipped up, so it turned out fairly similar in layout, just more fine-tuned. The only difference in the first and final versions of that one is the quality of the images I was using and a few minor layout/information changes.

For the second poster I decided that I wanted something completely different. Something that would draw the eye with its simplicity and oddity. So I fetched upon the idea of using the divorce graph that the character Tony uses in the film. Originally I just used the same ratios that were used in the film. Ratios that are accurate by the way. I showed it to Allen and he loved it.

At first I didn't have the screen-capture of Johnny (Jason London) so that's why he isn't in the first rendition of this version. The screen capture that I did use wasn't a full shot of him and the chair though. The image cut off about midway down his foot. You can still see a slight line if you look closely. I had to create the bottom half of the chair. I did this by searching online for a picture of an armchair in roughly the same position as the one Jason is in. Then I just blended them together. That took a while but it wasn't too hard. However, I learned that creating a realistic heel for a sock is very difficult. Eventually what I had to do was take a picture of my sock and blend that in.

I made the graph using Google Sketch-up, a free 3D modeling program designed for use with Google Earth.

For my next design (Allen wants me to churn out as many as I feel I can) I plan on using a really cool shot of the Keep-it-up guy (Paul Diomede) and probably a nice doorway-framed shot of Johnny and Sam (Thea Gill).

You may recall in my LONGEST POST EVER* that I mentioned a graphic design contest. Well, nobody has mentioned anything about it since then, but if anyone is still interested, I still would find it pretty cool to get some submissions from people.

*To be said in a loud, echoing voice