Saturday, January 30, 2010

It's Christmas! ...again.

Yup, I had Christmas today. Kinda weird I know, but my mothers side of the family had to postpone our christmas festivities until today. So, Merry Christmas! It was a good time, my cousins Josh, Heather, and Ian all came down along with their mother and my mother. We watched the movie "9" and ate ridiculously tasty foods (like Crabbies! Also known as crab puffs). I may or may not review "9" in a coming blog post. I don't really feel like blogging about much tonight but I will tell you that my cousin Josh explained to me how the double-exposure could have occured in Steve's photos. Apparently the effect can be achieved several ways but the most likely in this case is that the mechanism which advanced the film in the camera broke and only moved the film forward every other picture.

In news related to uberlate-Christmas I really want to go lose myself in a Barnes&Noble store for several hours as I now possess four gift cards total.

Near-calamity on the Putt Putt Syndrome front. The final back-end credit sequence (which is 92 gigabytes in size) turned out to be unreadable on the hard drive we put it on. Somehow the file got "wrapped" in the software of the drive itself. The file can be watched but not removed from the drive. Technology can really be a pain sometimes. Allen and Dino desperately need the credits for the Feb 6 premiere so they are currently driving up from Connecticut to pick up the file directly. Shaw is meeting them at the school at about one in the morning.

The only good news that can come from this is that once these credits are added to the film there is absolutely no going back. Allen can't come to us asking for a tweak here or there to the sequence. Once Dino sticks them on DVD's can start coming out of....DVD factories? Where exactly do movies get made into DVD's anyway?

Alright I'm going to head to dreamland now.

PS. I successfully managed to avoid having this month have fewer posts than December. Since that was pretty much the reason I was updating daily I may or may not continue this post streak.