Sunday, January 3, 2010

Putt Putt Trailer

Not much to blog about tonight, still recovering from my cold. I went through half a box of tissues and a bunch of cough drops. I always say that I only get sick once a year. Unfortunately this time my immune system decided to screw me up and get me sick right on the line between two years. I can't decide if this means I won't get sick this coming year at all or if it means my body was trying to jump through a loophole and get me sick twice.

Anyway, hopefully by tomorrow morning I will be well enough to do some stuff. Possibly including a remake of this snow fort from 2007. The snow will have to be just the right consistency though.

The only newsworthy thing I have for you today is the new trailer for The Putt Putt Syndrome. It is now available on Youtube. It's a well made trailer and will provide you all with a better idea of just exactly what it was I was working on this past summer.

Other than that I will just express my displeasure that vacation is coming to a close and I was unable to complete anything in the way of filming for The Hazards of Love. I didn't even get together with Graham to do any planning. But that is the way of film is it not? Nothing ever goes according to plan.

Goodnight everyone! Stay healthy!

EDIT: I just realized that for some reason the timestamps for my posts are horribly incorrect if I leave it on automatic. From now on I'll try to set the time correctly.