Friday, January 29, 2010

Steve Pearl

I've been thinking a lot lately about ideas for the script Shaw and I are going to write for Script Frenzy and I remembered that one of the ways my sister gathered ideas for her NaNoWriMo novels was by drawing upon the history of our family and ancestors for names and characterization. This is the easiest way to come up with lifelike characters, seeing as they are based upon real people. However, it wouldn't be a good idea to simply use the entire life of an ancestor/relative. I plan on only using the attributes that fit well with the message Shaw and I will try to convey.

I've found at least one ancestor of mine who I believe is ripe for study and possible incorporation into our script ideas. Steve Pearl, who is (sort of) a great-uncle of mine (still figuring that out) was left to live with his mother after his parents divorced at a very young age. Once he grew up he successfully invested in the stock market, using his earnings to travel the world and take photos. He was accepted into the four most promenant choral groups in New York at the time but was never in any relationships and died lonely. My grandmother is in possesion of many of the photos that he took while on his trips around the world. She has given me a few of them.

These four photos appear to be of a Japanese or Chinese performance and they also appear to be double-exposed. At least I believe that is the correct term. Any photography buffs out there please let me know how they were taken and why they appear the way they do.

Any insight into the location of the photos, the content they display, or the method by which they were taken is appreciated. The last image is my favorite. The double-exposure almost seems intentional, the bright dancer on the right encroaching on the dark figures to the left. The motion and life which are captured are impressive, I find it pleasing to the eye. Click on the images for high-res versions and let me know what you think.

I plan to get more images from my grandmother so expect future posts to feature Steve's photos occassionaly.